image CEO EuroChessInternational
Dr. Dirk Jordan 



President, Project Manager, CEO EuroChessInternational GmbH & Co. KG. (ECI)
CEO Joodix GmbH

Other activities

since 1993 chairman of ZMDI Schachfestival Dresden
Chairman of organizing committee Chess Olympiad Dresden 2004-2008
member of the Technical Comission of the FIDE since 2012
Senior Chess Director of the FIDE, Member of Event Comission since 2014

Date and Place of Birth 

24th August 1956, Stendal, Germany


Married to Martina (born Spiering), children: Kathleen (1984), Corinna (1985), Laura (1993). 
Parents: Werner and Gerda


1975 graduation from highschool, chessplayer since aged 6, 1975-78 military service, 1978-82 studies at Pädagogische Hochschule in Dresden, graduated as pedagogue for mathematics and geography (Diplom-Pädagoge)


1982-85 teacher in Berlin-Biesdorf, 1985-88 doctor's degree in graph theory at Pädagogische Hochschule Dresden, department for mathematics, science field algebra, 1988 assistant lecturer at the department for mathematics, education and research, focus on graph theory, seminars in algebra, 1988 scientific secretary of the department for mathematics, department manager

Since 1990 project manager for various companies, 1992-97 mainly construction projects, later trade and production, since 2003 ECI EuroChessInternational - production and distribution of chess products

since 2003 ECI EuroChessInternational - production and distribution of chess products,
additionally since 2012 Joodix - educational games and game supply


1990-95 active player in 1st German Bundesliga, later captain, since 2005 2nd German Bundesliga with Dresdner SC, since 2006 with USV TU Dresden

Tournament organization,
1989 head of women's tournament for the first time,
1991 organization of centennial anniversary tournament celebrating the first chess tournament of 1892 in Dresden,
since 1993 president of ZMD Schachfestival Dresden e.V.,
since 1997 Dresdner Porzellancup in January,
1998 celebration of 125 years DSC and organization of world cup qualification tournament for FIDE, German Blitzmeisterschaft,
since 1999 12x European Senior Team Championship, followed by Dresdner Schachfrühling since 2000,
2004 organization of European Women's Chess Championship in Dresden,
Chairman of organizing comittee for Chess Olympiad 2008 in Dresden,
2005 organizing and hosting of FIDE Congress,
2006 organizing and hosting of ICCF World Congress,
2007 organization of European Man's and Women's Chess Championship,
2008 chairman of 39th Chess Olympiad, for several years member of the Technical Comission of the FIDE,
2011 organization of World Chess Games for Disabled, since 2014 Senior Chess Director of the FIDE,
2013+15+17 organization of World Chess Championship for Disabled,
2016 organization of World Chess Championchip 50+ & 65+since 2014 Comissary for Seniors of the FIDE comission


Graduation and scientific publication, books: Schach für die Schule, Schacholympiade 2008, since 2014 Kinderschach series Methodology and Workbook I and II,
2018 „369x Spass mit Schach" ("369x Fun with Chess" - a compendium of games and variations around chess ordered by difficulty and knowledge level, from absolute beginner up to more demanding. Engage yourself with chess having tons of fun.)


Winner of multiple regional chess championships in GDR during childhood and youth, victorious in various adult tournaments, 1980 tied with grandmasters, played in Sonderliga - highest league in GDR together with Wolfgang Uhlmann, 1997 golden badge of honour of the saxon chess federation, 2009 badge of honour of the state chess association of Brandenburg in gold, 2009 golden badge of honour of the German Chess Association, 2009 honorary member of the chess association of Dresden


since 2003 Sports commission of the city of Dresden, since 2004 member of the executive committee of the Kreissportbund, since 2009 commission for childhood and youth of the city of Dresden

Other Information

Hobbies: skiing, fitness, sauna
Languages: German, English, Russian


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