imageFor more than 40 years we have been active in chess. In 1989 the commercial company "Euro Schach & Spiel" was founded. In a complex new development of a modern chess product during 1994 and 1995 we participated in the development and production of the electronic chess clock ‘GARDE electronic’ for the first time. 

From the year 2000 onwards we started developing our own chess products, the first one being the "Chess Timer Silver".

Meanwhile this electronic chess clock has been used successfully in far over 150 important national and international chess tournaments and has proven itself to be of great value.

Since 2011 we put a second emphasis on developping chess products especially suitable for teaching.

2013 we introduced the brand SchachQueen and have been developping our new products under that brand.


In the following a list of the newest developments:

  • innovation 2019 - autoadhesive demonstration board








  • innovation 2018 - high quality glass chess








  • innovation 2017 - GARDÉ start digital chess clock with increment








  • innovation 2016 - GARDÉ analogue wooden chess clock imageimage







  • innovation 2015 - Chess for Children as a major field of expertise, NEW Edition of QuadroChess and Checkers


    image image









  • innovation 2014 - Chess Checkers Nine Men's Morrisimageimage









  • innovation 2013 - Giant Chess and Checkers - TableDemoimageimage









  • innovation 2012 - QuadroChess and Checkers  imageimage









  • innovation 2011 - Chess - more than a game  imageimage









We are constantly extending our product line by new and innovative ideas. Meet the team of ECI: