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KIDS Version Schach - mehr als ein Spiel (product code E713 - EAN 4260099740331)

Finally - the KIDS Version of the popular board game. 2 difficulty levels (pawn/knight and rook/queen). 4 categories. 256 questions. Inspire them with this playful method of teaching chess. image


Chess - more than a game (EAN German 4260099740041 - E711, English 4260099740058 - E712)

2-8 players try to move through the board as fast as possible starting in Madrid (location of the first chess tournament in Europe in 1575) and finishing in Tromsö (location of the Chess Olympiad in 2014). The board shows important chess players and other interesting details. The players roll with a normal die (figures 1 to 6) and the new speed die (two times the numbers 1-3).

After moving the normal die‘s number of pips the speed die adds dynamics to the game: when answering one of the 512 questions of 8 categories the player can either advance it‘s number or go back according to whether or not answering correctly. Test your knowledge concerning the history, the rules, the board and its chess pieces and much much more around one of the most popular board games of the world.

The best? Everybody can play with everybody! Four difficulty levels (pawn, knight, rook, queen) ensure that, be it beginners or experts, everybody can play together and will learn his/her share.