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imageSchachQueen - Glass Pendants and Trophys

The novelty from 2018 - glass chess in a completely new dimension.

High quality optic glass cubes are lasered thus, that a 3D image of chess pieces is created inside. It is a classy and stylish way of combining glass and chess that is fun and fascinating to look at.

We offer at the moment two different product ranges - key chains and trophys.

The key chains are glass cubes size 30x20x15mm, with the chain 30x100x15mm. They include an LED light that can be switched on and off.

We offer the pendants with each of the chess pieces:

imageimageimageG201 pawn
G202 knight
G203 bishop
G204 rook
G205 queen
G206 kingimageimageimage











The trophys come in 4 different sets of each three different sizes:

SET A - cuboid 50x150x50mm, 50x130x50mm, 50x100x50mm
SET B - cuboid 50x130x50mm, 50x100x50mm, 50x80x50mm

SET C - rounded cuboid 60x170x60mm, 55x130x55mm, 50x100x50mm
SET D - rounded cuboid 55x130x55mm, 50x100x50mm, 50x80x50mm

Contact us for more information on the possible 3D images. We have a certain number of preset images, but can do a completely customized design, if necessary.