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imageSchachTett - German KIDS version

* quartet around chess for KIDS
* very easy rules, 2 difficulty levels (pawn/knight + rook/queen)
* win one card of each category and win the game

ChessTet - english versions

* the first quartet around chess
* 4 difficulty levels (pawn=easy, knight=medium, rook=tricky, queen=difficult)
* collect one card of each category answering corrrectly to win the game
* two versions:
1 - board and pieces - lexicon - FIDE rules - famous quotes
2- mate in - openings - famous chess parties - quiz

game rules

imageshuffle the cards and distribute them among all the players. 2-8 players receive 6 cards. If a large number of players contributes only 4 cards can be given to each of them. Decide whether you want to play the easiest or the more difficult level (KIDS version easy pawn/knight or medium rook/queen, ChessTet easy-pawn, medium-knight, tricky-rook, difficult-queen).
Aim of the game is it to "win" one card of each category, collect a quartet. Player A (the youngest, the smallest, …) starts and chooses any card of player B who then asks the question on it. If A is able to answer the question correctly he can put the card in front of him, if not B can put it in front of him. The round goes on in the same way.
Winner is the player first having collected 4 different cards.

Another playful way of teaching chess can be found in Chess - more than a game. It exists in a German, an English and a KIDS version. imageFor further information please follow the linked picture on the right. -->