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image SchachQueen - Plastic Chess Pieces

The plastic chess pieces with dark green velvet bottoms can be aquired in two different sizes (king 97 x Ø38mm and 77 x Ø30mm ). Our newest addition to the classic pieces is a weighted version.

SPECIAL: every king height 97mm including 2 queens!image



Additionally to the classic black and white version we offer a didactive version of the large pieces in blue, yellow, red, green and pink especially suited for the use with children making it more fun and more interesting to learn.
You can choose any colour in combination with either black or white to form a set.



imageThe chess pieces are completed by our rollable or foldable chess boards (linked picture on the right).

Purchasing our chess pieces and boards together as sets we include our high quality cotton string bags, which are also purchasable on their own upon request.image

In the following we show you our preset chess set combinations:

chess pieces black/white king height 97mm E210 - EAN 4260099740065

chess pieces black/white king height 77mm E220 - EAN 4260099740089

chess pieces black/white weighted king height 97mm E211 - EAN 4260099740072

chess pieces red/white king height 97mm E281 - EAN 4260099740348

chess pieces blue/white king height 97mm E282 - EAN 4260099740355

chess pieces green/white king height 97mm E283 - EAN 4260099740355

chess pieces pink/white king height 97mm E281 - EAN 4260099740393