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SchachQueen - Rollable Chess Boards

We offer the following sizes:

E121 chessboard brown/white field size 47mm, 43x43cm - EAN 4260099740102

E120 chessboard brown/white field size 57mm, 49x49cm - EAN 4260099740119


Since 2017 there are also silicone chess boards which have been very popular ever since. They are sure to lay flat on the table at all times. Super handy and convenient to play with!

E151 chessboard silicone brown/white field size 57mm, 49x49cm - EAN 4260099740904



SchachQueen - Foldable Chess Boards

The foldable chess board is slightly larger with 49x49cm and 57mm and is available in black/white and brown/white.

chessboard black/white E110 - EAN 4260099740096

chessboard brown/white E111- EAN 4260099740553


The newest extension to our product range are coloured versions of the large foldable board matching our plastic chess pieces.

We offer the following colours all 49x49cm, field size 57mm:

chessboard red/white E181 - EAN 4260099740362

chessboard blue/white E182- EAN 4260099740379

chessboard green/white E183- EAN 4260099740409

chessboard pink/white E184 - EAN 4260099740416

chessboard beige/blue E185 - EAN 4260099740829


Following the linked picture on the right you can find our range of plastic chess pieces.